Friday, October 23, 2009

Japan Trip: Blog 3

We are now just 2 1/2 hours from Tokyo. Kelli has been sleep for about an hour. I can't sleep. It's 9:15PM in Dallas.

We have one meal left. A light meal. I'm thinking of trying a glass of dessert plum wine.

One thing I have done on every International voyage (except for Canada….but that's like our backyard) is purchase travel insurance. I thought about buying it….but I forgot. Wonder if I can buy it online once I get there? CYA.

We had originally planned on arriving tomorrow. Glad we didn't. I imagine once we get there we will be dog tired and will go straight to bed. The main hotel we are staying at is at least 90 minutes from the airport. Long journey. The first hotel is at the airport. Hopefully a short ride to the bed. True we will be going to bed at like 4PM. Hopefully we can stay up till a "normal" time then go to bed and wake up around 6AM to start our day.

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