Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Not that bad

Peggy, Jami and Haley all boarded American Airlines jets and flew home yesterday.

I had the day off so I brought them to the airport. Since I work at the airport I am allowed to escort them inside security. When I go to work I can bypass the TSA. If I am not working I can bypass TSA as long as I am not boarding a plane. Since I was helping them with bags/items I went thru TSA...not a big deal.

On the way here Jami stated Haley had a meltdown in the airport. I was expecting the same on the return. Nope. Haley was fine. I am sure the nap right before we left helped. Since I live at the airport I know where everything is. While waiting for the flight (in the swanky Terminal D) I took Haley to see the train system. She enjoyed the trains and the long escalator ride to see them.

Unfortunately the Peggy's flight to Portland was delayed by more than hour and changed terminals. Jami's flight was also a bit delayed, but at least she didn't have to change terminals.

Haley really enjoyed the dogs....well mostly Doogie. She liked running around and throwing toys for Doogie. He was happy to have anyone play with him. Vegas has never liked kids...especially when kids run around. Lilo loves anyone who will pet her.

While at the airport my brother in law Kevin got a call from the Mid-Cities Police Department hiring agency. One agency handles hiring for several cities. He flew down months ago to take the test. This is REALLY good timing for him. His wife, Jenny, just had their second child. She finished nursing school, but has no job. With the second child born they can easily move and get settled in before Jenny starts the job hunt. The commute for BOTH of them will be shorter and cheaper in the Dallas area than anywhere in New York. There are now 2 houses for sale on our street. I am positive Kevin will get hired by a local Police department. The two can survive on Kevin's pay alone in Texas. The starting pay for Police Officers isn't far off from what Kelli and I earned COMBINED when we bought this house. I really hope Kevin takes advantage of this opportunity. The timing is perfect.

The new dishwasher is installed. Lowes really dropped the ball on our installation. They never called updating us with the delays in shipment of the dishwasher. When we ordered the dishwasher the sales rep had us buy $19 or so in parts we MIGHT need. The installer picked up the parts and the dishwasher. The camera in the kitchen was pointed right at him. When he was done I asked if he used the parts. He said he did.I reviewed the video. He never used them. He stole them. Nice. The washer works great. Much quieter than the old dishwasher and much more efficient.

For some reason the Windows 7 installation on the computer next to the bed refused to play sound. The sound card worked in Vista. I even bought a cheap $3 USB sound card. No dice. I only use that computer to use the Internet. Last night I installed Ubuntu Linux. Sound card works. Done.

My mother in law has a cell phone from 2003. She needs a new one. It's some small flip phone. Crazy small screen. I hope that the next time I see her phone...and her she has a phone worthy of a mother in law of a geek. I might have to do some research on them and give her advice.

Picking up the TV's today.

Selling our old one on Craigslist for $125. No biters yet. It's a 57 inch Sony Widescreen HDTV. Needs a little work. Hmm I could empty it out and make a high tech crib for the offspring. Hmmm....prolly cheaper than a "store bought" crib. Hmmmm.

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  1. If you want me to help decorate the baby's room you'll "86" the TV crib idea. I cannot work with that!! ;)