Saturday, October 24, 2009

Japan Trip: Blog 5

Today is Sunday in Japan. My day started at 1AM. I couldn't sleep anymore. Kelli woke up around 3AM.

Kelli then called her mom via Skype. Worked pretty well.

Originally we were going to take a bus from the hotel to the airport and then a train to the autoshow. I nixed that idea as there were a least 3 transfers along the way. By going to the autoshow and needing a late checkout would have cost us 5500 YEN or around $60.

Instead we headed to Narita for a morning if sightseeing. We saw a truly amazing temple. It's huge. We spent almost 2 hours there wandering around the huge grounds. They had a few signs in English.

Halfway thru we took a stroll around some secluded ponds. Very peaceful.

Afterwards we headed back to the bus. We stopped at various shops along the way and had the hardest time figuring out what they were selling. No idea most of the time.

We then stopped by two subway/train stations. ALL of the signs were in Japanese. In Tokyo proper (supposedly) most of the signs are in English/Spanish. I seriously doubted we would have made it to the autoshow. I am almost certain we would have gotten lost.

We checked out of the hotel a 10:45AM and caught a bus back to the airport. We then bought tickets (3000 yen a piece) to the next hotel. Most prices in Tokyo are in even amounts. Makes for easy payment.

There was an hour before the bus left. We had lunch at a cafe at the airport. None of the staff spoke much English. We got by. I was shocked that a soft drink cost as much as an octopus appetizer....$4!!!! Our entrees were only $10! Crazy!

The bus ride was quick. The hotel lobby is crazy nice. Service was top notch. A bellman promptly grabbed our bags and escorted us to the check in desk. After a quick check in another woman took our bags to our room.

This room isn't as fancy as the room last night, but it will is free after all (word to Peggy start earning points you can use for hotels!).

Tonight we are headed to the electronic section of Tokyo.

Glad I have my wireless router. Wifi is almost non-existent in hotels. Just one wired connection.

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