Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Man Cave gets more....caveier....yeah it's a word

Man cave is coming along. Cleaned it up a bit yesterday. One problem with a Plasma TV is the highly reflective screen. The window in the man cave was annoying. To fix this I bought a black out curtain. Problem solved.

New's too damn dark now. I need to get some night lights or something.

Looks like Friday is the day. We will have to *pay* for a hotel room for the first night. Not cheap. Can't complain too much, using points for the remaining nights.

My schedule for next month was awarded. I DIDN'T GET THE AIRPORT STANDBY LINE! This kinda sucks as that line had the first few days of November off. Instead I got a regular reserve line. This is a double edged sword.

I won't be sitting at the airport everyday...but I likely will most days as I am on reserve on days when there isn't someone assigned airport standby.  I now go back to work on November 1st. The good part is I have 2 full weekends off and 2 partial weekends. Yeah I'm on reserve on Thanksgiving. Bleh.

Tokens. The car wash up the street used to sell tokens. If a credit card was used for the purchase instead of cash, bonus tokens were given. So for $20 of purchased tokens, an extra $5 were thrown in free. Score! I never carry cash anyway.

Over the years I have purchased lots of tokens. They are all around the house. Yesterday I stopped by to wash my car. The token didn't fit. I looked over at the main token dispenser. Out of order! WTF?!?!?! I was on a hunt. I stopped by 3 other car washes before finally finding a location that takes the tokens. Phew.

Today I plan on finding a hotel, planning something other than the autoshow...and being a geek. The third one will be the easiest.

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