Friday, October 9, 2009


I went on salt overload when my in laws were here. Way bloated. Ooof. Back on the wagon for me. Even after a day of low sodium I can feel a difference again. Detox.

Mounted the TV in my man cave. Mounting the TV in our bedroom now. What ?!?!? Bedroom??!?! Yeah Kelli and I held  technology conference and decided it made the most fiscal sense to mount the TV in our bedroom versus the guest bedroom. We have guest over 3-4 times a year. Not worth it. We are still in discussion over what to put in there.

I ordered 2 HDMI cables when I ordered the mounts for the TV's. I foolishly routed both of them behind the man cave. The mounts I bought are super slim...meaning almost no room behind the TV once it's mounted. It would be too difficult to remove it now. I need one for the bedroom TV. HDMI cables at Walmart/Radio Shack/Best Buy/ Home Depot are all over $25. At Fry's they are $8. Off to Fry's.

Tokyo is quickly approaching. Plane is getting fuller than we thought. We will still be going.....should be in First Class....but might not be sitting together. The good thing is the First Class seats on the 777 have a sitting area for someone else to hangout.

Problem with one of the ethernet jacks in the bedroom. Problem is at the patch panel. The patch panel is a pain in the rear to take down. Scheduled for sometime in the future.

Might move the slot machine to the man cave...after I sell the desk.

People on craigslist....buyers on craigslist are so flaky. Over 10 people contacted me about buying our TV....all flaked out. WTF??!?!

Desk go on craigslist soon.

New XBOX 360 Elite in the house. I planned on putting in the living room. Well Microsoft changed the connectors and power supply on the new XBOX's. The new 360's have built in HDMI. Our existing 360 used VGA adapter in order to display on the TV. I get 1080P over the connection and am happy. Well the old cable works with the new 360. Problem is the old 360 now has no cable. The Plasma TV in the man cave doesn't have a PC connection...only HDMI and composite. Boo. Yadda, yadda, yadda new 360 goes in the man cave. At least for now.

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  1. I just had a craiglist buyer flake out yesterday too for Marin's old toddler bed. I think I will implement the "first one here gets it" policy in the future.