Monday, October 5, 2009

Man Cave

Men Caves....they exists all over the north in basements. A Man Cave is a place where a man is free of all outside distractions. In preparation for our offspring ( will be dusted off and active again!) I am preparing my man cave. This is similar to how a bird will prepare a nest. Kelli will be prepping the offspring room. I will likely install a camera in the offspring room....better and WAY more secure than a baby monitors (baby monitors, as discovered by Eric and Angela, use common frequencies....your neighbors can hear you and vice versa).

As is my man cave has our old leather couch and three computers. One computer is a home server, one is a media/zune server and the other downloads torrents. I am installing a 42 inch Plasma on the wall this week. Over time I will install surround sound and a kegerator.

The old office will become the new guest bedroom. The old guest bedroom will be the off spring room. We are still pondering the idea of ripping out the carpet in the offspring room.

My mother in law cleaned my garage yesterday. I wonder what the neighbors were thinking...."This guy has hired maid....he must be well off". She spent two full hours in there....crazy.

Today we are heading to the State Fair. We were going tomorrow but it's going to rain MORE tomorrow than today. I am on call so we will have to take two cars.

Loving my Zune HD. Still miss my Zune 80 gig. I will fix it one day.

Less than three weeks till we hit Tokyo.

Haley (my niece) loves my slot machines. She QUICKLY learned how to hit the max credit button OR hit the one credit button and then pull the handle. Very smart she is. Her terrible two's are in effect though. Oooof.


(too keep my niece AND photos from appearing elsewhere...I've had to watermark the photo...just one of those things)

Another niece is being born today in New York.

Passed 12,000 miles on my car. Had it  19 months.

Facebook, Twitter and the like have killed blogs. I have fallen victim myself. Even my FLickr uploads have slowed. Gotta fix that.

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