Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Not ready for kids

Not ready for kids. Our house isn't anyway. Haley proved that.

Okay so Kelli and I did most of the flooring work. We have plans to redo the front bathroom. We left...well I left...a piece of metal ,from the previous carpet installation, attached to the linoleum in the bathroom. Long strip with teeth to grip the carpet. Do you see where this is going?

Haley walked into the bathroom, pointed down and said, "look Aunt Kelli this is an owey". Haley then took her foot and pulled it along the piece of metal. Screaming and crying followed. A small amount of blood. Jami (a newly licensed RN) quickly took care of the very minor cut. I then whipped out my pry bar and pulled up the metal. Yeah.

We hit the State Fair yesterday.I had 2 regular corn dogs, 1 jalapeno shrimp corn dog, 1 fried twinkie, 2 pieces of fried butter (Jami, Peggy and Kelli all had a piece as well), and french fries....might have been more. Good times. My mother in law did enjoy a fried twinkie with me....she kinda liked it.

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Because I was on call Monday we had to take two cars to the fair. I got called for a Little Rock turn at 1:05PM. I had to sign in at 3:05PM. Just a few minutes later I was called back and told they downgraded to a smaller plane. One great thing about flying the CRJ700 is that downgrades happen. There are three different ERJs...50 seat, 44 seat and 37 seat. They might downgrade from a 50 seat to a 37 seat....but the same pilots are going to fly the flight.

After the fair we all came back for some family bonding time.

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I bought two LCD mounts from Monoprice. To my surprise they had built in levels! Nice! Going to pick up the TV's tomorrow after I drop off the in laws.

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