Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's not my birthday

A box arrived yesterday on our doorstep. Not uncommon as we order from weekly. This box had Kelli's name on it....but it was from Bose.

Since it wasn't my box I didn't open it. When she got home Kelli cut the box open and told me the contents were for me. She bought me a new set of Bose headphones....the new QC15s.

I've had my Bose QC2 headphones for at least 3 years....I think almost 4 years. They work great. The only thing I've had too do was replace the ear cups...they were well worn. I did cheap out and buy aftermarket cuprs for $20 vs Bose ear cups for $45. The aftermarket cups aren't as soft. eh.

I read reviews on the QC15s. They all stated they were better than QC2s on blocking outside noise. Impossible I thought. I was wrong.

When my niece Haley was here I put the QC2 headphones on her head while she watched movies on a laptop. While watching she could barely hear us. The volume wasn't turned up load, they just blocked out the outside noise.  A few times she would talk to us and would do so in an elevated voice. Pretty funny.

The QC15's look exactly like the QC2s...because they are designed to replace the QC2s. I did a back to back comparison yesterday. Wow.

We were watching TV at a normal volume. With the QC2's on I could still hear the TV. Once I slipped on the QC15's the TV turned into a small whisper. Nutty. I am sure it would block out all white noise on an airplane. Nice.

I go back to work today thru Monday.

Kelli and I might leave a day early and hit Tokyo Disney. Flights are better on Friday.

I'm having Xbox 360 issues. I have on Xbox Live account...but two Xbox's. I can only have a Xbox Live account ACTIVE on one Xbox at a time. I watch Netflix movies on them which require me to be signed in. Each time I have to go through the annoying process of recovering my account. The solution appears to be buying a Xbox 360 memory card and then using sneaker net (unplugging the memory card and walking it between the two Xboxs) to sign in. Eh.

I sent Kelli a link to the American Airlines onboard TV software and movie listing for our flight. Pretty neat (check it out here). She went thru it and found more than enough movies to keep her occupied for 26 hours (13 hours each way). Funny thing about the 777 though.

In First Class a passenger has complete control. They can start a movie/tv show at will and pause whenever. In business class they have to wait until the show starts (normally every 15 minutes) but can pause whenever. In coach you have to wait till it starts and hammer through. No pausing. Bleh.

Kelli really wanted to go on a Barcelona cruise. Yesterday I got the following email via a Facebook group I belong too

NCL Gem sailing this Sunday 10/18 , 7-day roundtrip from Barcelona is selling with the Admin Fees for a total is $256.44 for 2 people!! This is all the way up to a suite!

This is apparently a mistake in the NCL pricing dept so if you think would be interested, CALL US ASAP and get this booked! It won’t last long! Make sure at least one of the names is correct when you put it on hold, because they won’t allow a double name change. Full payment is needed when you book!

See for more info.

This is the company I used for our last cruise. This is a crazy good deal....but it's one week too early. Doh!

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