Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Long 5 days

My profession leans toward being away from home for days at a time.

For myself however that hasn't been true this year. Until this month I have not been away from home for more than two nights in a row. Even then I was only away twice for two nights in a row. Most of the time I am home each night. I like this.

Thursday I went to work thinking I would be home that night. I slept in 4 different hotels between then and Monday night. It was rough. Friday night I was put on minimum rest. I arrived at the hotel a 1AM. The van left for the airport at 8:30AM. My body isn't set up for instant sleep. I fell asleep around 1:45AM. I woke up at 8AM to get ready. Thankfully I just had to sit in the back of a plane as a passenger to DFW. Once there I had a 3 hour break. I went home. Barely awake. I was very tired. Thankfully the next flight was another ride in the back as passenger to Northwest Arkansas. If I was assigned to fly I would have called in fatigued. I had problems doing basic things. Scary.

Monday morning was also rough. The hotel van left at 4:30AM. I was suppose to fly 5 flights (Little Rock to Dallas to Lubbock to Dallas to Des Moines to Dallas) first flight left at 5:40AM and the last flight was to land at 5:15PM. Long day. Thankfully after coming back from Lubbock (where I made a stellar landing) the next flight to Des Moines was downgraded to a smaller plane. I bolted.

I was so tired I don't think I would have been able to function on the Des Moines turn.

Done till next month.

Lawn mower is back is business.

I love my Zune HD.

I installed a program on my G1 called Flyscreen. The program allows various social media sites (like Twitter and Facebook) along with other RSS type services (CNN, Weather) to be displayed on the screen without having to "unlock" the phone. Pretty neat.

I made a cake yesterday. I even iced it.

My car needs a wash...bad.

I love grits.

Tried to new Bose QC15 headphones while flying around over the last 5 days. I had 6 flights (SIX!) where I was assigned to deadhead in the back of a plane as a passenger. They worked amazingly well. I didn't think Bose could reduce the noise any further after the QC2s. They did. The sound is better as well. The QC2's over emphasized the bass. The QC15s do not

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