Sunday, October 11, 2009

In need of a vacation

This weekend was rough. I worked a 14 hour day Saturday. Tired.

The wonderful Sony 57 inch TV we paid $1600 for back in April 2004 left out the front door today for $200. Horrible investment indeed. The TV is in need of repair though. From what I researched online the part is at least $300. Glad it's gone. Next up on Craigslist will be the desk.

I emailed a guy about cutting our line grass on Craigslist this morning. Thirty minutes later (and without a phone call) he arrived at our front door. The lawn was in serious need of a cut. Thirty bucks later the lawn was cut. Our mower is out of commission for a bit.

I scored 27.7 MPG on my last fill up. The Mazda5 is a truly amazing vehicle. When my in laws were here it was loaded with my self, Kelli, Jami (sister in law), Peggy (my mother in law) and Haley (my a car seat) and none of us were crowded. This is due to having three rows of seats. The middle row consist of Captains chairs. In a sedan the car seat takes up so much room that two adults have a hard time sitting comfortably. Not so in the Mazda5. I'm 1/2 way thru my current lease. At 12,100 miles. I have 18 months and 24,000 miles left.

I got an email address from Why? So I could get Windows 7 Professional for $29 from . Score.

Vacation can't come fast enough.

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