Friday, December 12, 2008 good deals. The site sells all kinds of items for cheap. Shipping is always $5. One great thing is they ship from nearby in north east Dallas so orders arrive pretty quickly.

Recently they had an aerobed on sale for $59. They offered both full size or queen size for the same price. This is a really good deal as a full size bed is normally over $100. We bought a queen. Shipping took a while but it finally shipped. When the box arrived it was a full. Dissappointed I emailed Woot. They quickly apologized and told me they would ship the queen size ALONG with a shipping tag to return the full size. Fair. A box arrived two days ago with the Queen size bed inside....and that's it. No shipping label. I am going to email them about the missing label as we have no use for two aerobeds.

Curiously there is a price tag from Linen-N-Things on the queen bed for $179.99. Linen-N-Things is currently going out of business so I assume this was purchased from them in bulk and sold to consumers.

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