Thursday, December 11, 2008 gift registries easy!

So my geeky friend Kerry (a woman who has MORE websites than me.....I think just to scorn me ;-) ) is having a baby. She is registered at a few places including is my new "it" store. I ordered our blue ray player, my mother in law a scrabble CD, my Nine Inch Nails CD, my brother in law a Christmas gift for his wife (HA! Jessi I know you read this!) and more from The prices are lower than a "real" store and as a "prime" member I get 2 day shipping on 1000's of items free.

Kerry is registered at for her baby. The registry at is very nice. In addition to a list of items the owner is able to specify a priority. You can list "like to have", "nice to have" or "must have". This way friends and family can have an idea on what you really want...versus "hey this is neat!". Ordering is very easy. Since I am a prime member my orders still arrive in 2 days...for free. Kerry being a geek placed a Macbook Air on her list. Thankfully there were other much more pilot salary friendly gifts to choose from. Good luck on the Macbook Kerry. For more about Kerry (she is very witty) like on Kerry White under Other Blogs on the left side...or heck just click here.

I leave for a 4 day trip tomorrow. I overnight in Pittsburgh (snowy and cold), Cleveland (snowy and cold) and Little Rock (just crappy and cold). Kelli might join me in Cleveland. I am there 13 hours. We will see.

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