Monday, December 1, 2008

It's a Mac!

My sister in law is now the owner of a white Macbook. This is the previous generation model that was $1299 just two months ago. She paid much less. She should have very few if any issues now. It's a new computer and the Mac operating system is very reliable, stable and free from all the "gotchas" that Windows has. On top of that it's much harder to "accidentally" install software from pop-up ads. Virsuses are fewer and much farther between on Macs vs PCs. All she needs is Office for Mac and to get her printer working. That's it.

I truly love My niece Haley is flying from Sacramento, California to Houston, Texas to Orlando, Florida next month. She will 1 1/2 years old. There is a nifty child seat belt in SkyMall for $79.95

There is only one FAA approved child safety restraint and it's made by CARES. I get a 20% discount from Skymall through my employer. The price after the discount and then adding shipping ($13.86) went from $79.95 to $73.86. Hmmm not so great. I then thought about good ol' Amazon. Yup sells it directly for $55.95. Exact same product and exact same (and only) manufacturer. I get two day shipping free. rocks!

Here's some text about the product from the manufacturer. Now there is an easier, better way to fly safe with kids. Just carry a CARES in your pocket or purse, install it on the airplane seat in one minute, and turn any airplane seat into a safe airplane seat for your child. CARES (child aviation restraint system) is the first and only FAA approved harness type child safety device. CARES is an innovative restraint for kids 22-44 pounds that attaches directly to the back of the airplane seat and augments the regular seat belt. CARES weighs 1 pound, fits in a 6" stuff sack and is FAA certified for all phases of flight ¿ taxiing, take off, turbulence and landing. CARES fits all size airplane seats and takes one minute to install. CARES takes the hassle out of flying with kids and keeps them as safe as a car seat.

I was talking with a pilot buddy of mine who wanted a Garmin GPS for his wife. The found it on for $50 less than local stores. is the Wal-Mart of the Internet.

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