Wednesday, December 10, 2008

T-Mobile Cameo

I am writing this on Sunday December 7th. The subject is the T-Mobile Cameo. I won't post it for a few days as it's a gift for my mother in law.

The T-Mobile Cameo is a revolutionary type of digital picture frame. In the past with digital picture frames you had to manually copy the photos you want onto a memory card and then insert it into the picture frame. Not horrible...but can be tedious.

With the T-Mobile cameo you can simply take a photo with a camera phone...and text the photo to the frame! Too hard? Well you can also email a photo to the frame. Photos taken with "normal" digital cameras must be reduced to 1024X768 and then emailed to the frame. Anything bigger gets rejected. There is no required intervention from the user other than plugging in the device. That's it!

My mother in law can now get photos from all of her kids instantly. If my niece Gianna is covered in red popsicle while wearing a white dress....the image can be taken in New York and displayed on the photo from in Oregon in seconds. If for some reason my mother in law misses Haley's birthday, a photo can be sent right away to the frame showing Haley blowing out the candles. Best yet...the frame holds 500 photos that simply rotate over and over again. Simple. Easy.

She has the option of manually adding photos via memory card.

I tested it quite a bit. Photos I sent via email began displaying in under 3 minutes. Photos I sent via a text message began displaying in under 2 minutes. Nice.

That's the good part.

The bad part? Well This morning I got a text message that I was going to be charged $35 for the new activation on my line. What activation? I bought a picture frame and was NEVER told about any activation fee. I called T-Mobile customer service. The store I bought the frame from IS a T-Mobile corporate store. After 15 minutes I was told that I would have to call the store as they charged me the fee. I have never called T-Mobile customer service until this year. The first time was with all of our inital issues with the T-Mobile G1....I got nothing but bad service or incorrect advice. Now I was being told I am SOL with this fee.

I finally called the store and was told they would take care of it which they did. I hate bad customer service. I have worked the other end of the phone. Having done so taught me that being rude gets you no where. When I get bad service I am firm but fair. If I don't get my way I always "kill them with kindness" and end the call with "you have a great day sir, thanks for your help". I am sure it throws them for a bit.

The frame should have arrived today. I love my FedEx discount. FedEx gives employees of AMR a 75% discount on shipping. FedEx ground isn't included so it's only applicable for next day or second day air. The price ends up being what FedEx ground normally is. I forgot to include the instruction manual so I will have to put it in the mail.

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