Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas in Cleveland

I had no dreams about being home on Christmas day. I am on reserve December 25th thru December 27th. I initially wanted a trip that was really easy and had a deadhead (me flying as a passenger) home from Damn Chicago on Saturday arriving at 10:25AM. I didn't get it. Instead I have a trip where I fly to Cleveland, OH tomorrow night, fly in and out of Damn Chicago Friday (staying the night in Little Rock, AR) and finishing up in Dallas on Saturday at 1PM.

I wanted the first trip as Kelli and I are going out with Eric & Angela and Jason & Jackie Saturday night. I start my day at 6AM on Saturday so I will likely take a mid-afternoon nap Saturday before going out that night.

Sunday Kelli is going to fly with my to Shreveport for my long 18 hour overnight. This will be her first time on my plane. I hope to get there early and give her a tour of the cockpit. We are going to rent a car in Shreveport, check into my crew hotel and then hit a casino.

Monday Kelli will enjoy the experience of a god awful early wake up call as the flight back leaves at 5:45AM! She will fly back and go home while I go out and fly 4 more flights.

Tuesday I go to the dentist.

Wednesday I picked up 2 hours of overtime. I actually have New Years Eve off and New Years Day off.

For now I have to mentally prepare myself for Damn Chicago.

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