Sunday, December 14, 2008

If you had it...or are responsible for it...WATCH IT!

Last night in Cleveland was interesting. There was an "audition" going on for the John Robert Powers acting and modeling agency. There were a large gathering of people. When I went down to the gym, a member of the hotel staff was right in front of me. You need a hotel key to access the GYM or pool. I walked in to see 7 or 8 kids ages 8-11 playing on the treadmills. Not a parent in sight. There are signs on the door stating you must be 18 or older. Between the pool and GYM is a glass wall. On the other side of the wall was a group of 4 adults...appeared to be parents.The hotel staff member told the kids they had to leave the GYM. Two of them were along one wall look in the mirror. One of them fell while playing on a treadmill and busted her nose. Nice. The kids left. I picked a treadmill and could see in the reflection the parents get upset that the kids were back with them. They gave the hotel staff member a dirty look. The hotel staff member left. The kids tried to get back in...knocking on the door. I ignored them (I had on headphones and was watching TV...large LCD TV's at each treadmill!). The parents then gave me a dirty look. The hotel staff member came back in and just stood guard. The kids then began running around the pool area. Parents not parenting. When I left after more than 45 minutes they finally packed up their stuff and were leaving. They apparently had dinner there (several pizza boxes) and had no intentions of cleaning up after themselves. I know they were not staying in the hotel or they would have had a key to get into the GYM. They were just crappy parents doing a horrible job of leading by example. If you had it...or are responsible for it....WATCH IT!!!! You need a license to drive a car....any two idiots can have a baby.

When I was in college I was an intern at a Junior High School. The teacher was very nice and we had many upper level discussions on society and such. She made a very important point. Smart people are causing the level of intelligence in society to fall. How so? Well many educated people aren't having kids or if they are having kids are only having enough they can afford. So a well educated couple might have 0 or 1 kid while an under-educated couple might have 2 or 10. Statistics show that those who grow up in educated families have educated kids and the cycle continues. The inverse is true as well. By not having a kid...Kelli and I are dumbing down society.

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