Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gotta love the price matching policies.

We bought our Samsung LN52A750 on November 2nd from Circuit City. The price there was $2899. We first saw the TV at Fry's the same day for $2199. Circuit City was offering 24 months no interest so we bought it there. Circuit City matched the $2199 from Fry's and then beat it by 10% for a total price of $2130 + tax. Not too shabby.

There is a 60 day price match policy at Circuit City. Friday I found our TV on sale in the Fry's ad for $1950! We made our trip back to Circuit City and after a little "we normally don't match Fry's ads" mumbo jumbo they refunded us another $185+tax for a total of $202. So in the end we will have ended up paying $1945 for a TV that was priced at $2899. Most people would have forgotten about how much they paid for an item soon after brining it home. I am not most people.

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  1. Circuit City raised a BUNCH of their prices so the stores they are closing can close out their inventory and say 50% off but wait you still pay barely less than Fry's or Best Buy. Funny is their ads that say same online and in stores mean you get screwed if you shop them. GREAT way to stay in business...hahah! My parents just bought a 65" TV...I have yet to see it but the size scares me!