Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pepto take me away

I was down yesterday. Hard. I woke up and spent a good twenty minutes in the restroom. I alternated between resting on my rear and resting on my knees. There was no alcohol involved in making me hug the porcealn god. I think it was leftovers.

Tuesday night I had a plate of leftovers from Thanksgiving. Everything tasted normal. But the next morning....ooooof. Eventually I slugged my way to CVS to get Pepto Bismol....which helped. I couldn't keep anything down beyond Pepto until late in the afternoon. I had to cancel my dentist appointment as there was no way I could have sat there as nauseated as I was.

On a lighter note, I really like .My sister in law recently bought a Macbook. Her printer is least 4 years old. It's a basic Lexmark inkjet that has seen better days. Having a laptop means freedom from wires. I could have likely helped get her old Lexmark working with her Macbook....but tha still would require her to walk into another room, plug in the USB cable...and then select print.

In our house Kelli and I use laptops 99.9% of the time. Kelli's desktop has been recommissioned as the home server and my desktop gets very light use. The printer is attached to the server (I had a print server but it didn't work well with our printer). When we want to print all jobs are routed to the server and then out to the printer. No need to attach anything to the laptop. I wanted something similar for my sister in law...guess I can give her a name...Jami.

So I spent 3 to 4 hours researching network-able printers for Macs. Some were easy....some were not...some were ONLY wireless...some were both wired and wireless. I finally decided on a Brother MFC-465cn. The editors of Macworld magazine said the average user could get the printer installed using the wired network connection in under 5 minutes. The printer can be wireless....but apparently it requires a good bit of work so wired it shall be. There was no network cable included in the box, so I FEDEX'd her one along with a few CD's I made for her. Hopefully all will go well. The printer is also a scanner, fax machine and copier if she ever needs those functions. Second runner up was a Brother laser printer....but seeing as it was black and white only and the Brother inkjet refills were extremely inexpensive...I went with the inkjet.

While on Amazon I also ordered a Play-Doh set for each of my nieces, Haley and Gianna. Every kid needs Play-doh.

I am feeling much better today...not 100% yet....maybe 95%. If I don't feel 100% by Noon I am going to call in sick. I am not going to fly around 74 people if I am nauseated.

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