Wednesday, December 17, 2008

If only we could get credit for them

In 2008 Kelli traveled 47,010 miles on airplanes. Of those 40,698 miles were flown using my benefits. Most of the miles were on American Airlines although she did have one trip on United (using her United Miles) and one leg on Southwest (Discount fare via benefits). There were 6,312 miles traveled for business on American Airlines in which her company bought tickets. Hmm that isn't even accurate as I remember her traveling on U.S. Airways for at least one trip. I only traveled 38,812 for personal travel all of which was on American Airlines. I have no idea how many miles I flew in the cockpit. Waaay too lazy to calculate that up.

Our goal for 2009? We hope to break 50,000 miles. Hopefully we will make it overseas which will put a huge dent in that goal.

If we could get credit for the miles flown this year Kelli would have almost qualified for Platinum (50K miles in one calednar year) while I would have only qualified for Gold.

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