Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Why Mac? Why!

Apple has made me pissy for the first time. When I bought my Macbook Pro there was a setting on the toolbar that I could easily change the power settings. If I was on battery power I could select a setting for maximum battery life. If I wanted max performance I could select a setting for this as well. I was happy.

Then Mac OS 10.5.6 came along. I blindly installed the update. Previous updates never irked me. My Macbook Pro has been rock solid since day 1. Two days ago I was running on battery power and tried to change the setting....but it was gone. I thought maybe there was a setting that I changed that caused the power settings on the toolbar to change. Negative. It's gone. This was not documented in the 10.5.6 update notes. I am pissy. There is now a 3 step process to change the power setting......just like Windows Vista.

Here is a photo taken from Flickr of what I am pissy about.


On the left was the old way with four different power setting. On the right is what I have now. BOOOO APPLE!

I still love my Macbook. It's kinda like a small butterfly tattoo on the ankle of a beautiful woman. You love this woman and she is absolutely stunning. The tattoo is small and rarely seen. When you do see it you stop and think...."hmm I didn't know that was there.....oh wait yes I did.....Humpf."

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