Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Texans and winter

Winter in Texas. We get one really bad storm a year. It's here.

The snow and ice is nutty. Coming home from DFW airport yesterday was easy until I got to the neighborhood.

I was going about 20 MPH approaching our street when I decided to slow down. I gently hit the brakes and the ABS kicked in as I slid down the road coming to rest right at our street. I turned and then idled up our street to the driveway. With a flick of my wrist I flung the car onto the sheet of ice covering the driveway and into the garage. Done.

As a kid I remember the pipes bursting in my parents house. I am Mr. Paranoid and made sure three different faucets were dripping overnight. I also made sure to get up and flush a toilet every 2 hours. Tonight will be even colder.....8 degrees.

Rolling blackouts have been issued. For whatever reason the power is still on at our house. Been on all morning. Not sure why we are so lucky.

My mother in law is coming to Texas in a week or so. Kelli and I are penciling in places to escape...err..go to while she is here. Maybe we should tell her we are planning on going somewhere.

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