Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cheap entertainment

Kelli and I took some time away from Natali and headed to a Casino. We wanted to go somewhere overnight, but between full flights and Natali having a really bad day it didn't work.

In the past we always left Winstar Casino broke. Not this time.

We each brought $100. We haven't been there in years. A lot has changed. It's HUGE! It's the 3rd biggest Casino....in the world. The number of slot machines, places to eat and table games is mind blowing then you consider it's at mile marker 1 in Oklahoma. There is no big city around.

We played just slots. They finally have "name brand" slots, the same models we see in Vegas. We went up and down. Ate dinner (very reasonable prices!) and then played more. Right before we left Kelli hit $120 and that put us $0.12 positive. We left. Several hours of fun for just $0.12 plus gas. I averaged 50.1 MPG so it was just 2 gallons of gas each way. Cheap entertainment.

My mother in law, Peggy,  watched Natali while we were gone. We non-rev'd Peggy here. The flight was w-i-d-e open. Getting her back was a little tricky. The flights filled up....and were overbooked.

Kelli put Peggy on a 5PM flight that was overbooked by 8 passengers. That meant if everyone showed up 8 people who had real tickets wouldn't be getting a seat.

I was at the airport on standby. I went over to her gate and hung out. Boarding began. The computer showed all seats assigned. Twenty minutes to departure the agent called Peggy up to make sure she was there and to let her know she *might* get a seat.

Sure enough 7 minutes to departure 14 people failed to arrive. Peggy got a seat. The flight overbooked by 8 went out with 4 empty seats. Nice.

I got new tires on the Prius. I went with Bridgestone Ecopia's. They are a LRR (Low Rolling Resistance) tire. The difference between the previous Michelin Destiny's and the Ecopia's are profound. The Destiny is a regular all season tire designed for a quiet and soft ride.

The Ecopias are a sumer tire (not designed for snow or mud...so now off roading!) designed for a quiet ride and maximum gas mileage. I previously struggled to get 46MPG. I am currently getting 50.2 MPG. That 4MPG is a nice jump. I read about the tires via a Tire Rack article pitting several different tires against each other on identical cars ( http://www.tirerack.com/tires/tests/testDisplay.jsp?ttid=121 ).

The Roku and Hulu Plus is interesting. Lots of content, but not all content on Hulu.com is available on Hulu Plus streaming. Annoying.

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