Monday, February 14, 2011

Holy Roku!

Roku box arrived Friday. I had it up an running in under 5 minutes. Even the average consumer could have it working in under 10 minutes.

First thing I did was setup Netflix. Easy. The interface is snappier and easier to use than the Xbox 360 Netflix interface.

Next up was Hulu Plus. Hulu Plus has a 1 week free trial and then it's $8 a month. I was unsure of it. The amount of content is equal to, if not better than Netflix. The most recent airing of each TV show is available plus all of the current and many of the past seasons. This will come in handy if we forget to record a show or if a recording messes up (the timing is off). I think we will keep Hulu Plus. One of the first things we watched on Hulu Plus? The first episode of Doogie Howser.

My mother in law arrives this week. I am going to give her a tour of Roku. I think it would benefit her as she records just as many shows as we do. With Roku + Hulu she would never need to worry about missing a TV show.

In theory the Roku box could be taken with me on the road. It only needs an Internet connection. Hmmm.

My bladder can't hold as much when it's cold. Sometimes it holds much less. The bladder I'm referring to is in my Prius. The second generation Prius (2004-2009) has a bladder fuel tank. The bladder is smaller in the cold and bigger when it's warmer. Thus in winter you can't put as much fuel inside. The third generation Prius has a "normal" gas tank. The bladder system was designed to reduce emissions. Bleh.

Two months until our cruise.

Natali is 6 months old now. She's changed a lot in the past week....almost like she was waiting for her 6 month mark to surprise us. She is "talking" a LOT more, crawling (albeit backwards), mastered the pacifier in and out, rewired the network for increased throughput,  sleeping all night and then some, sleep on her side, and just loves solid food. Kidding about the network rewiring although she did give me a fews tips.

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