Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dropping Gold

For a few years I've been paying Microsoft around $45 a year for Xbox Live Gold. Most people do this to play online. I don't play online much. Not $45 worth anyway. Another benefit was being able to watch Netflix streaming on the Xbox. We watch a lot of streaming Netflix.

I got to thinking...I'm paying $45 a year just primarily just to watch Netflix. If I had a PS3 it would be free. I can watch for free via our Wii...but it's only 480P. Enter Roku.

I bought my dad a Roku box for Fathers Day last year. He loves it. It's been 100% reliable for him....and all he watches is Netflix. There is a lot more to watch via Roku. I tried to show him but all he cares about is Netflix.

Amazon is having a sale on the mid-level Roku box right now. Normally $79, just $69 if you Tweet "I just got a $10 credit towards a Roku XD Player from @amazonvideo and @rokuplayer. Click here to get yours: #rokudeal". I did. Bought it.

This mid-level box has everything I would want. In fact I paid $99 for the Roku box I bought my dad which is now the base level Roku box selling for $59.

Box arrives tomorrow. I love Amazon Prime.

We will now be able to watch streaming Netflix, Hulu Plus (if we miss a TV show we can watch it the next day), Amazon Video on Demand and more. Can't wait.

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