Saturday, February 26, 2011

Screw you

Kelli and I both signed up with to sell our used electronics. They said they would ship us boxes. The never arrived. They sent emails stating the boxes should have arrived. Bleh. I think it's a scam...they never ship the boxes. They want us to use our own boxes. Bleh.

Kelli is selling her Kindle DX. She paid $425 for is almost two years ago. She is getting $140 for it. Not horrible. She reads on her phone and Ipad now. I told her she should just get a Kindle Wifi for $139 and keep the extra buck for a pack of gum.

Still digging the Roku box.

Bought a new baby monitor. Our previous unit was a "BébéSounds Angelcare Movement Sensor w. Sound Monitor". It worked okay but had a lot of static if there were any other devices plugged in to an outlet in that room. We charge a lot of stuff...a lot of static.

The new unit is a Motorola Digital Audio Baby Monitor with Room temperature sensor. No more static! The con is there is only one unit while the last one had two.

Still looking for a new credit card for gas purchases. My last card was a Citibank Drivers Edge card. It was awesome. I got 3% back on gas purchases PLUS $0.01 per mile I drove. I had the card for my Acura and Mazda. In total I got over $500 back in miles driven on top of another $300 back via gas purchases and vehicle maintenance purchases. Sadly the card is going away.

My Nexus One is almost a year old. Still don't see the need for a new phone. It's just that good.

After my first tank with my new Bridgestone Ecopia EP100 tires I can report I got 3MPG better than with the Michelin Destiny tires. The Destiny tires aren't designed for high gas mileage, but for comfort. The Ecopias are very comfortable for me. The extra MPG meant another 40 miles before I had to fill up. Even with $3+ gas it was under $20 to fill up.

Still haven't finished installing the subwoofer in the Prius yet.

I have this odd thing I do where I lift my shirt over my nose when I watch TV. Natali does the same thing while sleeping. Maybe it's genetic. Or maybe I'm just crazy.

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