Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Blowing up my speakers

I replaced one speaker in my car last week with plans to replace the other one later. Later was yesterday as the other front speaker blew. WTF?!?! I don't think  I listen to excessively loud music. I am glad I never blew a speaker when the car still under Kelli's rule.

Still looking for tires. Should have new ones by next week.

We bought a HD video camera. Best Buy had a 720P flash memory camera on sale for $40. Used to be $119. Got it yesterday. I didn't read the directions as I am a geek. I ASSUMED the battery was built in. It took me an hour to figure out why the camera would only work while plugged in. I assumed the battery needed to charge. Nope...no battery installed. Doh!

Been working a lot lately. I love my job most of the time. Still don't care for having just 8 hours between the time I walk off the airplane at night and have to walk back into the airport the next morning.

Down 9 pounds for the year.

Mother in law comes into town next week.

The dogs are still alive.

Our friends Jason and Jackie are expecting. For years they along with Kelli and I were NOT going to have kids. Eric and Angela had planned on having a kid. They had Marin first. We had Natali next. Now it's Jason and Jackie. Growing older makes you reconsider things. I am however positive I don't want another kid. I wanted to get "nipped" but Kelli protested. Currently there is a 5 year system in place that will (should) prevent having another kid for that span. The system? Photos of Kelli pregnant are plastered all around the house. Above the bed, in the bathroom, on her rear view mirror in her car, the fridge, all toilet seats, screen saver on her phone, Ipad and phone, every fan blade on every ceiling fan has a photo plastered to it as well. They aren't  the same photo, but random photos.

The new Prius drives way nicer than mine. The new Prius truly is a regular car. Mine is still a video game.

Speaking of cars....mine is now GEEK and hers is now DNACHK. It took the DMV a few minutes to figure out what I was requesting. I'm happy I'm no longer a CHK.

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