Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Smug face

I went to two different Toyota dealers today....and didn't spend a dime.

First up was Toyota of Dallas....again. There was a teeny, tiny scratch on the door panel of the new Prius. Not on the panel but the black, painted molding. I didn't find it until the day after we bought our car (one of the problems of buying a car at night!). The dealership stepped up to fix it no questions asked.

Traffic was REALLY bad on the way there. I went 4 miles at less than 10 MPH. Good thing I was in a Prius. I was on battery power alone for almost 10 minutes of slowly rolling. Kinda neat knowing I was traffic and it wasn't costing us a penny. Smug face. The bar graph shows minute by minute gas mileage. On this tank we have driven 237.9 mile for an average of 48.8 MPG. If the car is stopped for more than a minute it will register 0 MPG.

Dropped the car off at 8:55AM and was rolling again by 9:15AM. They even filled the gas tank and gave me two free coffee mugs.

I then dropped the car off at Kelli's office and picked up my Prius.

For a few months my Prius has made this harmonic clicking noise. The faster the car goes the faster the noise was. Not loud....and it could only be heard with the radio off. Sounded like something was on the front tires. Since I never drove it often, it didn't bother me. Kelli asked me about it when she first heard it....I kinda blew it off. Till now.

When I got home I started poking my head all around the car. I found the culprit! There were two missing fasteners holding up two of the under engine covers. Minor, but the covers flapped in wind.

The only mechanics that have worked on the car since we bought it are at Don Davis Toyota and Discount Tire. Discount Tire has only done tire stuff. Someone at Don Davis Toyota forgot to replace the fasteners at some point.

I drove down and figured I would just buy them since I can't prove when they went missing. The parts manager went out to the car and verified what I needed. He typed away on the computer, disappeared then came back and handed me the fasteners. No charge.

Once outside I put them in. Much better.

Looking forward to flying again. I head to the simulator tomorrow night. Late night session. Gonna be a little harder being up till midnight flying around. I am sure my enthusiasm will keep me up....if not the free coffee at Flight Safety will.

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