Thursday, January 6, 2011

I bought my Mazda...and the Prius.....

I bought two cars today....and one last week.

So I thought my Mazda5 was history. Nah.

Mazda American Credit is a power hungry dictatorship run by nut jobs....that's my opinion anyway.

Mazda American Credit will only take payment for leases from the leassor or a Mazda dealer. No one else. Thus Toyota of Dallas could not pay off my car.

So here's what went down.

I returned to Toyota of Dallas and repurchased the Prius. The contract had an extra $300 added on as Toyota of Dallas had to pay sales tax to my Mazda dealer. I did get credit for the tax difference (I previously paid full taxes on the Prius as there is no tax credit on lease trade ins).

After signing all the paperwork I was driven in a new Corolla by a salesman to my Mazda dealer in Denton. I then purchased my Mazda5. Yep I bought it out right with a cashiers check "from me" to the Mazda dealer. I will get the title in the mail and have to send it to Toyota of Dallas. Bizarre doesn't begin to describe it.

For anyone in a lease from Mazda American Credit who found this post....good luck. Both the Mazda dealer and Toyota dealer thought the way Mazda American Credit handles leases is ridiculous. My Toyota Dealer has never and will never again deal with Mazda American Credit leases. Can't blame them. I won't either.

While I am on my soapbox. Classic Mazda of Denton really did a number on me when I leased my Mazda5. It was sold with known knicks in the hood and a slightly damaged 'A' pillar. I know they knew as I remember how odd it was they gave an "Extra" $700 off for no reason. I suspect they knew it was damaged and discounted the price by what it would take to fix it. Of course if I terminated my lease I would have been dinged for the money. Nice eh?

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