Thursday, January 13, 2011

Android....I just don't know how to quit you

Iphone is coming to Verizon. Finally the rumors are true.

Will we switch? I thought about it...a lot. For now we will stay. Android is too entrenched in our lives. I love the Google Navigation (as does Kelli), Google Voice, Gmail and the ability to simply talk into my phone and have it transcribe it into text. Plus we have a fairly cheap plan.

My mother in law though.....she shold hop over to an Iphone. Would be a very easy transition for she could play games against Kelli, Kelly, Jami and I. Like Words with Friends. Just sayin' Peggy....the Iphone is easy to use....just like your Imac.

My 2004 Prius MPG kinda blows....right now I 'm getting 38 MPG! I know why. For one, it's cold and causes the "real" engine to run more often. The second is all my trips are very short and non-green.

My longest trip right now is 5 miles one way. It's 4.5 miles of highway and .5 mile of surface streets....taking Natali to daycare. If I had a longer trip or took surface streets the entire way I would get a better average. I'm content. Come spring/summer it will go up to the mid-40s at least.

Not missing a hole in the roof of the car yet. I have had a sunroof in all but 2 vehicles I have owned. Will be interesting come summer.

Won $300 on my slot machine last night. This was after putting $60 in and lost it all playing $1's. Never won a thing! Not even a cherry. Glad it "paid" me back.

I passed my classroom training on my aircraft. Next week I take the simulator portion. After that I fly around in the real thing (with real passengers on board) and then I'm back to normal. It will be an "interesting" first flight.

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