Monday, January 10, 2011

I need a bigger hole

Tried to install the same "Bad Boy II Air Horn" that I installed in the Mazda into the Prius. Won't fit. Too BAD/big apparently. Boo. Gonna have to find a different horn...or find a bigger hole somewhere. Wimpy horn remains.

Today is my first day back at work. Excited and nervous. Studied for days.

Installed a two tone, perforated steering wheel in my Prius. It was custom made for the Prius steering wheel. Perfect fit, feels much better. I've never owned a car with a plastic steering wheel...color me spoiled.

I filled up both cars over the weekend. My 2004 Prius took a whole 7.5 gallons to fill up with one bar showing prior to fill up. The 2010 Prius took 9 gallons with one bar showing. The difference is the 2004 has a bladder fuel tank while the 2010 has a conventional fuel tank. The 2004 bladder system "shrinks" when its cold thus holds less fuel and is near impossible to fill completely. Yep like men the Prius has "shrinkage" when gold. Both tanks hold 11.9 gallons. Kelli got 51.3 MPG while my Prius got 48.2 MPG. We both started tracking our mileage on an app to compare what the car reports. My previous Mazda5 average 26.5 MPG over 21K miles.

My old Mazda is for sale, ( ), if anyone buys it shoot me an email. I have a bunch of "extra parts" from when I installed/uninstalled the radio, subwoofer and homelink mirror. I took out everything before I traded in....saved the extra parts...lots of screws and stuff. Reason being a dealer told me the all weather floor mats, rear cargo cover, cargo protector, homelink mirror and subwoofer add nothing to the cars value. Pulled it out. Will eBay or craigslist it all for cheap.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to work I go

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