Sunday, January 16, 2011

Found my old car

I imagine few people look and find their old cars. I do on occasion. Tonight I came across my 2003 Toyota Matrix XRS. It's for sale down the street for a tick under $10K ( ).  I paid $20K for it back in 2002.

Once I saw it I knew. It was a rare XRS model in Indigo Ink Pearl with the Black Suede interior, sunroof AND GPS. Back then it was one or the other when it came to Sunroof or GPS. I installed the GPS myself. I looked at the Carfax and saw Euless. I then Googled the VIN (2T1KY38E53C110040)  and found photos of it with the yellow fog light covers I installed. They have since been removed. Still neat. If I had a spare $10K laying around and a 3rd car garage I would buy it. It was a really fun car. Could even be family friendly.

I only am fond of a few of my previous cars. My 1994 Saturn SL2, my 1997 Saturn SC2 and the Toyota Matrix XRS. Maybe one day I will look up the Mazda5 again.

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