Sunday, January 16, 2011

No Autoshow for me

Supposed to be on a nearly empty MD 80 headed to Detroit right now. Instead I am home sick. Boo.

I planned on making my 3rd annual trip to Detroit for the auto show today. The first flight out had 16 paying passengers out of 140 seats. The flights back had at most 60 paying passengers out of 140 seats. This morning  I called it off. Still feeling sick, plus I thought it would be best to limit my spending till I get a paycheck.

Then later this morning I realized I had been paid on Friday! Doh! Could have gone. I might still go next Sunday. We were all going to go together, but Natali got sick. Sick house indeed.

Kelli is sick now as well. I think  I had the worst of it. I had what Natali had plus what the obese Captain sitting next to me during classroom passed on. I must learn to screw being socially appropriate and MOVE when seated next to someone sick.

Upped my MPG to 43MPG via a trip to Ikea and back.

Replacement Harmony 1100 remote came Friday. We are back to being happy. Kelli was VERY upset when it broke. Interestingly enough Logitech doesn't want the old one back. It's been deactivated. Each time the remote is connected to a computer for configuration its serial number is verified online. The old one will never work again.

Qantas will be flying from Dallas soon. Kelli wants to go. It's a 17 hour flight. Maybe when Natali is out of diapers.

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