Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Watching TV off the grid....or is it on the grid?

So over the last month I have become hooked on podcast. My Zune got me started. I listen to audio podcast about a variety of topics. In addition I watch video podcast.

After about a week I figured out how to watch podcast on our huge TV via our XBOX 360. I would manually download higher quality (480P and 720P video) to my Windows Home Server and then use the XBOX 360 to stream them to our TV.

Today I found an RSS feed program ( to automatically download podcast to the Windows Home Server and simply stream them to the XBOX 360.

There are a TON and I mean a TON of high quality (in both video and content) video programs on the Internet. There are sitcoms, news shows and more.

Some households (although a very small percentage), have gone off the grid by canceling cable TV contracts and getting all extra content off the net. In response some cable companies are starting to impose download caps on Internet data plans. Downloading all this video takes a good chunk of bandwidth. The cable companies want consumers to pay for TV....and not get it free through the Internet.

For the most part Kelli and I watch network (NBC,ABC,CBS and FOX) television. We have a few shows we watch on standard cable TV and just two shows we watch on premium cable stations. If I can somehow find a reliable source to download the episodes in full quality....we could cut the cord...and save $800+ a year. Just a thought.

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