Thursday, July 23, 2009

I won't be the biggest dork in town

This upcoming weekend is going to be my last weekend off for at least a month. My schedule this month was decent in that I had Thursdays-Saturdays off (for the most part). Next month I have mostly Tuesdays thru Thursdays off. Wanting to have one more "normal" weekend...Kelli and I are heading out of town.

I spent the day yesterday looking at the map below, thinking about where we have been, where we would like to go and most full the flights are.


Flights to Santa Ana and Los Angeles are decently light on Friday. Return flights from Santa Ana are very accomidating Saturday. Santa Ana it is.

Initially I was planning on a trip to Universal Studios. I get discount tickets through work. Then I saw they had listed this weekend as a "black out" weekend for certain pass holders. This wouldn't effect the tickets....but it could be very busy. Scratch that idea.

I then pondered what else would I like to do in California? After a bit I remembered that I am indeed married. WWKWTD (What Would Kelli Want To Do)? Ahh! The San Diego zoo!

San Diego is just 90 miles south of Santa Ana. We can't get a flight to San Diego direct (way too full). We can still fly to Santa Ana and rent a car. So that's what I set about planning.

I noticed all the hotels had REALLY high prices. I just assumed it was the norm. We have enough points between us to simply use points for the hotel room anyway. Kelli booked a Holiday Inn Express in downtown using her points. I booked a rental car using my employee discount. Total cost for the trip will be under $90.

Once everything was done I searched 'visit San Diego' and my mouth dropped. I saw the reason why the hotels were so expensive.


Damn Comic Con! The town will be full of comic book loving dorks! In addition freaks who love the Twilight series (and they are freaks!) will be in town as well. The only positive note is that maybe the zoo will be less busy.

My mother in law has had the same computer for over 6 years. Six years! She bought the computer shortly after Kelli and I met. It was nice then. Top of the line. I have replaced every computer I own at least once since then. She needs a new one. An IMac would be perfect but even the new series of Net Top computers would work. What's a Net Top computer? Well it's a small computer designed for people with basic, basic office work and web surfing. No fancy gaming, video editing, or graphics. The computers are modeled after Netbooks (which I am still researching).

Kelli is loving her Kindle DX. She is also loving my Zune 8GB.

We head to Japan in three months.

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