Sunday, July 26, 2009

I'm not the worst proposer in the world

So when I asked Kelli to legally be responsible for me it went as follows. I mentioned we should go to dinner. I tossed up a few ideas, but subtly pushed for Chilis. Why Chilis ?? Well that's where we first met.

We went to dinner and about 3/4 the way through she took a bite of her burger and began choking. What was she choking on? The ring! I began slapping her on the back until an off duty copy pulled me off because he thought I was beating her. Kelli slumped over and began flailing on the floor like a fish out of water. I was able to kick her in the back at the right spot to dislodge the ring, which shot across the floor, coming to a stop right in front of a drainage hole. I asked her to marry me as I was being dragged out in handcuffs. She coughed up "yes."

Ok so that was all a lie. We went to Chilis where we met. During the meal I reached in my pocket and pulled out the ring which was still in the box. I placed the box on the table and said, "well all of our friends are getting married, we might as well go ahead and do it." Kelli was stunned, but teared up and said yes. I tell you that to show you this, a guy who proposed in a worse way than I! The video is cued up...just hit play! was cued up. Just skip ahead to 5 Minutes 36 seconds. Doh!


The video is from a podcast I watch/listen to called Diggnation.

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