Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Growing up today

Something just blew my mind. Gianna and Haley (two of my nieces) will grow up thinking that pictures taken with a camera will always display right away on the back of the camera. They won't know any different. The idea of "we will see the photo later after we go to a store" will be foreign to them. I doubt they will ever have to seriously use a library. Hmm.....our own offspring will grow up even more advanced (not only because they will have half of my super superior genes, but because our house is much more wired than the average house).

I have been on the "internet" since 1993. Over sixteen years. Many of my high school and early college papers used sources on the internet as references. I still remember trying to figure out how to quote an internet source.

We now have a Google Voice phone number. This is huge. I am going to discuss with Kelli the idea of getting rid of our home phone. . I can also easily set up Google Voice to route specific calls to specific phones. For example when my Dad calls our phone number (which is an 682 area code , like our cell phones) the call will route first to my phone. My mother in law calls, it will go to Kelli's phone. When my sister in law calls it will go to hell. Just kidding Jami. The system can be set up to ring any number of phones at the same time.

When we get a voicemail the message will be transcribed and sent as a text message to our cell phone. There are many, many more features. Total cost???? FREE!!!!!!!

I eat lunchables at work to save money (cheaper than airport food). I enjoy them. I ran into a problem though.

The package includes a little 6.5 ounce water bottle and a packet for making kool-aid. The kool-aid packet states add to 8 ounces of water. Hmmm yeah....it makes some REALLY potent kool-aid.

[singlepic id=608 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Now some really cool photos I took while at work.

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[singlepic id=609 w=320 h=240 float=center]

By posting these photos I am using both of my college majors.....Photojournalism and Sociology. Booyah!

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