Sunday, July 26, 2009

I love a great deal

So Thursday I was headed to Lowes to get finishing nails to reattach our baseboards. While there I decided to check out the prices on the Black & Decker lawn equipment. Glad I did!

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Lowes was having a sale on all cordless electric lawn equipment....10% off. On top of that they had 12 months no interest. Hmmm. The price on the shelf for the mower was $399. has the mower for $366. With the 10% off the prices are pretty close. Of course I would pay tax in the store.....but 12 months of free money. Hmmm... Then I noticed the cordless trimmer for $75. Same price on Amazon. Hmmm....after a quick text to my financial advisor (aka Kelli) it was a done deal. I thought my total would be $360 for the mower ($399 - 10%), $68 for the trimmer ($75 - 10%), $15 for trimmer string and $3 for nails. So roughly $445 plus tax.On my way to the checkout I passed a display for compact flourescent bulbs for $10. The display stated buy them now and get $10 off your next purchase. Hmmm.

Now I was the complicated shopper I hate. I went to the service desk and asked if I bought these bulbs now is it an instant coupon or a mail in rebate. After a minute or two he figured out it was instant. Deal.

I bought the bulbs and then he hang up everything else. The mower rang up for $323! The price on the shelf was wrong! This was now way lower than Amazon. The trimmer as $67.47...right on the price. For some reason the cashier rang up every item 10% off instead of just the electric items. Not a big deal, but all told I paid $408.84  + $33.73 in tax for a TOTAL of 442.57. Wow. The mower alone last week at lowes would have cost nearly that much. I got a cordless mower and trimmer for the price of the mower alone! On top of all that I get one year free money! Kelli and I take advantage of a lot of interest free offers. To make sure we don't screw up we setup automatic payments to them. Never had an issue.

For 5 years I have suffered the indignity of a cord shooting out of the back of my mower. No longer! The Black & Decker cordless mower does a great job for our size lawn. Now I can do it cordless baby!

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