Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I should have only invested in Orchid

I own a few stocks. Not many....just a few...okay 3. I bought shares of AMR, Orchid Biosciences and Expressjet last year. AMR and Expressjet are both aviation related companies. Orchid Biosciences is Kelli's employer.

Last summer I bought AMR around $9 a share, Orchid at $0.92 a share and Expressjet at $0.41 share. Since then AMR has gone down to close at a recent high of $5.23 a share today, Orchid is at $1.71 a share and Expressjet is $1.30 a share.

I am losing on AMR, nearly doubled my money at Orchid and lost ALOT with Expressjet. How so? Well Expressjet did a 10-1 reverse stock split last year. So that $1.30 a share is really $0.13 a share. If I had bought JUST Orchid I would be way up in the money (up 84%!!!!!). Instead I am down 8% overall.


Stocks are "good investments" for the long haul. My 401K is up 24% since I started (late last year) and up 18% this year. I am only doing well because I started at the bottom of the market.

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