Sunday, July 19, 2009

Floors installed...marriage intact

We installed the flooring. Being so different came in handy. Kelli and I are very different. I make decisions quickly...not hastily....just quickly. Kelli is the opposite. She is more methodical. This tends to cause friction. During the installation our very different ways of thinking came in handy.

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It took us a good 30 minutes to lay the first piece. After that it went kinda smooth. The hardest parts were the end pieces. The instructions simply said to score and snap the pieces. Sounds easy. Well making straight scores was not easy.

We finally finished. Total install time was 4 hours. We rented a 100 pound roller from Home Depot to smooth out the planks.

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When we returned the roller we saw this display ad for a device designed to making cutting planks easy. Grrrrrr. This device would have cut our install time in 1/2 or more! Next time!

We still have to reinstall the baseboards and do something with the doorway where the flooring stops and the carpet starts.

The end result is very nice and we are very happy with the color, texture and appearance. Total cost for the 11X12 room was $470.

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