Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Moving Kelli into my world and vice versa

Years ago I swore I would never visit Oregon, live with dogs, drive of foreign car, have kids or own a Mac. All are no longer true (well the kid thing is in the works) Kelli has changed me. She had nothing to do with owning a Mac....still don't know how that started.

A year ago Kelli was getting by with a basic cell phone, a decent computer, paper books and an aging XM satellite receiver in her Prius. She was an average American. As of right now Kelli has a smart phone, Macbook, a Kindle and is test driving a Zune MP3 player.

I have a "spare" 8GB Zune. No need to discuss where it came from (Amazon.com) or when it arrived (two weeks ago) or why I have two (?????). I have two. My main one is 80GB. I love it. I have been throwing stuff on there for over a year. Problem is I will put the player in "random" and get a lot of songs I don't care for. This morning I erased everything and started fresh. The Zune software is uber easy to use so I will have it reloaded with stuff I actually listen to quickly.

The XM receiver in Kelli's Prius is about 4 years old. It's not working so well nowadays. I have been telling her for months to get a Zune. With my Zune Pass ($14.95 a month) I can have up to 3 Zunes filled with as many songs as I want for the regular monthly fee. With the Zune software I can download full albums with one click. I can also download "channels". A channel is simply a play list of a specific genre of music that is updated weekly. I setup the Zune Kelli is testing to update wirelessly. All she has to do is hit "update" on the Zune while she is home (won't work outside the house) and it will contact the main computer running the Zune software, go online and update the channels stored on the player.

In addition to all the music I can download, I also get 10 free songs each month. These 10 free songs are mine forever. I can burn them to a CD (don't know why I would) or put them into a video (I can see this happening). If I ever cancel Zune service I keep these songs for life.

If Apple ever switched to a Zune Pass model I might switch to an Ipod. For now...it's Zune.

Kelli has had one day with the Zune and really enjoyed it. I filled it with all kinds of music I would never listen to. She was happy.

Over the last 7 years we have both changed each other....I think her alterations on me are bigger. No phone, Zune, or computer of mine has ever stained the carpet. Oh and I don't find pieces of electronics in the lint screen in the dryer. But I digress.

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