Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Is my head really too big?

I spent the night in Cleveland last night. Nice overnight hotel. The thermostat is a liar. I have stayed in this hotel at least 20 times over the last year. I set the room to 65 degrees. The air conditioning system cycles on and off like it's maintaining 65 degrees. My atomic clock/thermometer states otherwise!


On the way back the Captain had to use the restroom. Policy requires two things. One, another crew member (almost always a flight attendant) come up and stand in the cockpit while he is gone. This is to allow her to open the door in case I pass out while he is gone. Two, I have to wear a full face oxygen mask while he is gone. This mask is very uncomfortable. It doesn't fit my head/face. After the Captain was back in the cockpit I snapped a self portrait wearing said mask.


If anyone wants to fly ANYWHERE....buy a ticket before Wednesday at midnight. Southwest airlines launched a fare sale. Highest one way ticket is $90! American Airlines matched the fare. This means if you want to go from Dallas to Las Vegas the round trip fare can be as low as $190 on American (non-stop) or Southwest (one or two stops). Seattle to Miami? $190 round trip. Nutty.Travel is from September 9th thru November 18th. Anyone up for a trip to Vegas?

The computer I built for my dad arrived. A hard drive power cable became loose in shipment. I had to walk him through reconnecting it. Nothing major. It works, but now he has Internet issues. I am trying to get him to order Uverse.

I REALLY want a Netbook. American Express had a nice one on sale today for $199. I didn't win it. I have my eye on a few other models.

Windows 7 is amazing. I actually ordered two copies for $49 a piece from Amazon. Anyone running XP or Vista....I high suggest you order Windows 7. I think it's the best version of Windows ever. Truly stable and easy to use. Nothing like Vista.

The dogs are still alive.

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