Sunday, October 19, 2008

New phone is a coming

My new phone is coming! It will arrive tomorrow.

I almost hit another plane today. Twice. Niether my fault. First one was during takeoff out of Shreveport. I was assigned to climb to 4000 feet. My plane was very light, just 20 passengers out of 70 seats, today so the initial climb was very fast. On take off I was climbing at more than 4500 feet per minute. Somewhere around 1600 feet they told us to stop at 2000 feet. At 4500 feet per minute I am climbing at 75 feet per second. After the second it took to process the information I had 3 seconds to react. I pushed the nose over, causing everyone onboard to go weightless) and pulled the power back as I was already traveling at 240 MPH. Why the quick altitude change? Well there was a small plane coming toward us at 3000 feet. The other plane was about a mile away. Not too close...but it could have been handled better. The second issue happened coming into Dallas. I was level at 5000 feet. Air Traffic Control advised us there was a small plane at 4500 feet coming right toward us. The computer announces "traffic, traffic". We look out...see nothing. I then see a spec coming at us. Then the computer announces "adjust vertical speed"....only we are only slightly descending. Associated with this are red and green lights on my screen. The green is a target for me for my vertical speed. The next thing is a "climb, climb now" annoucement. This means if I do nothing...we could collide. I disconnected the autopilot and started climbing. I look out my window to see the small plane passing underneath. That pilot was flying by hand and was not holding his altitude. Nice.

Well the point of fast decisions. I gotta get Kelli to think faster. When I ask her to make a decision it seems like eternity passes before she speaks. Gotta love though...she's my sugar momma.

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