Monday, October 20, 2008

My new phone is there!

My new phone is there! In my house....I...well I am in Bentonville, a hotel. I was hoping the phone would arrive in time for Kelli to rush it up to the airport before I took off for Bentonville....didn't happen. My phone will now sit in the house until Wednesday afternoon when I return. Boo. In theory Kelli could bring it to me tomorrow if I was doing "normal" flying in which I fly through Dallas all day. Tomorrow I fly through damn Chicago all day. I hate Chicago. Well I hate flying through the airport. The controllers are very good but so much is going on that it takes all of my being to catch what they are saying. The radio is non-stop communication and you just have to listen for your flight number and respond right away. If you miss a call it jams everything up. When talking to the ground controllers...well YOU don't talk to them...they talk to you. If you don't get an instruction you just keep moving around the airport until they get back to you. Nuts. I want my phone!!!!

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