Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mini....and I mean mini.....celebrity

I get recognized a lot more than I think I would. My Youtube video has almost 5000 views. Every now and then...about 3 to 4 times a month someone I don't know says they know me....from Youtube. Today it happened at the Alliance Airshow. I was walking through a Military AWAC plane when a crew member gave me an odd look and asked if I went to ATP. I said I did. He then said he saw me on Youtube. Odd.

Kelli's laptop blows. Well Windows Vista blows. Her computer has a Dual Core Intel Core 2 Duo, 3 gigs of RAM, plenty of unused hard drive space....but its saddled with Windows Vista. I turned off all the pretty eye candy stuff of Vista and it's still slow. Sad. Her next laptop will be a Mac.

Less than two weeks until I get my new phone. Can't wait.

I have been using Airline Pilot Daily Logbook to keep track of my logbook for about a month. I love it. No more manual log book entires and a calculator. I load my schedule into the PDA and then simply input the flight times from the computer in the airplane. I only wish my phone or my next phone was supported by the logbook software. I would rather not carry around so many devices.

Kelli bought tickets for ACDC this morning. The tickets went on sale at 10AM. The airshow started at 10AM. She brought her laptop and used my cellphone to connect to the internet. She slowly went thru the motions. She was given decent seats. I told her maybe I should try calling as the internet and the website were painfully slow. When I called in the automated system offered much better seats...floor seats...5 rows back! The phone call started more than 5 minutes after she was first offered seats online. Odd. She bought the phones I secured on the phone.

I bought more hemit crabs. 5 total.

Oh yeah Kelli updated her website. Better check the temp in hell.

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