Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cut Off!!!

This morning at 4:56AM...yes I was awake...woke up at 4:15....part of my job....my phone got the last email I would get for..well...ever. Why? Well T-Mobile apparently has an issue with the new G1 phone. Once my phone was delivered my account was set up for the G1. Problem is I don't have the G1. I now have no access to data. I live on my phone. I use it for email, internet on the phone and internet on my laptop using the phone as a modem. When I try to get data I am asked for a user name, password and domain. I have never been asked for this info. I thought it was a glitch. I started my day in Bentonville, Arkansas. When I arrived in Chicago...same issue. I tried turning it off and on. Nada. I tried it again in Columbus, Ohio...same thing...again in Chicago...same thing. I am back in Bentonville. Same thing. I called T-Mobile support 3 times. I stressed I have had the phone almost 2 years and have made no changes in over a month. The first two phone calls had me turning it off and on....taking out the SIM card and clicking my heels three times. Nada. The last call I again stressed I had NEVER called them before today. Not once. I don't believe it's my phone...or the local network (as I tried it in 3 different states!). They wanted me to find a stranger and pop my SIM card in their phone...uhh..not an option. Then they wanted me to go to a T-Mobile store. The nearest one is in Missouri. It all came down to they know there is an issue...but they can't fix it. I am sure you are thinking "so what". I live on my phone!!! I am now sitting in one of my two favorite hotels, The Hyatt Place, so I am relaxed a bit. If you EVER have a chance to stay in a Hyatt Place I sugget you try it.

The hotel has a huge 42 inch HDTV.....L-shaped couch...warm colors....just comfy. I love this hotel and the Hampton Inn.


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