Monday, October 6, 2008

Changing my opinions

I have had my Mac for 6 months now. Still loving it. Very...very few things that annoy me. The annoyances are no where near as great as my annoyances with Windows Vista.

With my new found of heart with Mac I will no longer sway people to PCs. Mac all the way. The extreme majority of Viruses are for PCs. The pop up ads that install all kinds of crap are mostly aimed at PCs. Mac is safe....for now.

My sister in law (bless her heart) has had another computer die...well on life support. Her previous computer lasted a few years before dying a long painful death. In May of this year (just 5 months ago!) I sold her my trusty laptop. I formatted the hard drive and made it like a brand new computer. I installed Norton Antivirus (free with our AT&T Uverse!) and nailed down as many possible "holes" as I could. She notified me tonight that it won't boot up. Safe mode won't even load! Windows is corrupt. I am going to FedEx her the restore CD's (with instructions to place the CD's in a super safe place) and get her up and running again. While talking to her I mentioned she should start a new computer fund with plans on buying a Mac next time. My wife's side of the family all have computer issues. Well my mother in law does ok...except when my brother in law uses it. Maybe it's everyone in the world who is not a geek or married to a geek has issues.

Only problem I have with Mac is I can't easily build one. Building computers saves me ooodles of money as I can piece them together. There are ways around it, but nothing I can build and faithfully hand off to someone feeling it will be 100% good to go.

Once you go Mac you won't go back.'s supposed to be...ah nevermind.

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