Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I now have my new phone. All I can say The software is much much faster than my old Windows Mobile 6.0. The only issue I have had so far is importing the contacts from my SIM card. Some imported...many didn't. I had to put them all in by hand. There are only a handful of applications available right now. Reason being they all must be free for the rest of the year. After that then developers can charge. Many owners believe when apps can be charged the number of apps will go up. One application...the only one under the financial by Bank of America. The application uses the built in GPS to show you the nearest ATMs and Banking Centers. The built in GPS is very accurate. The GPS combined with Google maps makes finding nearby places a breeze! The phone fits in my old Blackberry 7100 holster I have had for years. I like this holster as its made of nylon (holds up to wear) and allows easy stowing and grabbing of the phone.

Gripes? Well texting is a different process than before...better...but takes an extra step compared to Windows Mobile. The camera is a higher quality and even auto-focuses....but its slower to snap a picture.

One nifty thing with the camera though is the ability to "scan" a barcode...ANY barcode on ANY product and a ShopSavvy application will look online for the best price. Easy to comparison shop while walking around a store. It's very quick. I think I will use it often.

Life after Windows. First my Macbook my G1 powered by Google.

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