Thursday, October 16, 2008

Deep Fried Bacon and My New Phone

Yesterday we visited the State Fair of Texas. We have gone every year for the past 3 or 4 years. Our trips are not for the rides or the exhibits. We....more the weird fried foods and we both enjoy people watching.

This year the winner of the fried food contest was Chicken Fried Bacon (pictured below). The product is just as it sounds. The taste was okay. Not great. I will not buy it next year if its around.


After the chicken fried bacon I/we had corn dogs, deep fried jelly belly jelly beans, deep fried snickers, deep fried snowball (pictured below) and deep fried potates (twisted up using a drill....aka french fries).


Another part of the state fair we enjoy is the autoshow. Well I enjoy it more than Kelli. While walking thru I did find what might be my next car. Yes I know I have 2 1/2 years left. Kelli was against the idea of what I wanted. A Bitch'n Camaro!


I reminded her the main reason I bought the Mazda5 was the offspring possibility ( Anyways before I bought it I said if we didn't have a product ( by March 31, 2011.....away goes practicality. So by my basic math if a Zygote ( is not progress by June 2010....I'm gonna be playing Bitch'n Camaro everyday. With how little I drive...again 500-600 miles a month....gas mileage doesn't really matter.

Speaking...errr...typing of gas mileage. Something funny happened on the way to Pittsburgh this week. On the displays in my plane I can display all kinds of information. While flying through the skies I normally have airports depicted on the screens as it gives me something to do while flying. Having airports displayed on the screens also helps me figure out where I am in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I did all my flight training aound here. I know where the airports are...but have no idea where all the various points/fixes are. Contrary to what many people think, pilots often have no clue where they are. We put everything into the computer and it guides us along the way. When pilots make annoucements we have Rand McNally maps made for pilots that make it easy to compare the screens to what we see outside. Makes us sound smart. Anyways on the way to Pittsburgh I passed an airport with the identifier KGAS.....then a few minutes later....KMPG. I think they are related.

kgas1.jpg    kmpg.jpg

Kelli has updated her website 3 times in the past week. She might be back on the wagon for updating.

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