Friday, October 3, 2008

Ever leave something behind at the airport?

Today DFW airport had a sale. No tickets were sold....heck the highest dollar item was $40. The sale was for items left behind in the airport over the last 6 months. There were lots of clothes, sunglasses, cell phones, car remotes (and keys), strollers, name it. All for! I decided to go around 11AM. This was a mistake! Lots of good stuff was already gone. They did have some stuff left. I bought 7 smart key remotes for various cars (BMW, Lexus, Mercedes etc) for $1 a piece. I bought a Mogo PCMICA slot bluetooth mouse for $1. I lost my bluetooth headset a few months ago. I paid $35 for it. I bought an exact model....$1. While talking with an employee the good stuff went fast. They had SEVERAL MP3 players, cell phones, laptops and more that went fast and cheap. Near new baby strollers and car seats also went quickly. The sale goes on every 6 months. Next time I will go early. Why did I buy all the remotes? eBay. They will go for at least $10-$40 a piece easy. The Mogo mouse I was going to keep....but my laptop has an Expresscard slot and Kelli's doesn't even have a PCMCIA slot...which I was shocked by.

I got a flu shot today....lots of sick people around.

I also got an oil change...apparently the first one for a Mazda is free.

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