Sunday, October 26, 2008

Getting High

Who would have thought that exercising makes me feel me a sort of high. I bought a Wii Fit over the weekend. I have done an hour on it so far. The exercises are no joke! I also found out that I have center of balance issues. I lean a lot to my left. The Wii Fit shows this quite well. Hopefully I can fix it. I do enjoy using the Wii Fit. I plan on using the Wii Fit for 30 minute a day followed by a two mile stint on the treadmill. Right now I am walking at a good clip of 4.4 MPH without breathing hard. If I get up to 4.8 MPH I kinda stumble along. I need at least 5.6 MPH for a decent jogging rate. I have found that exercising before going to bed allows me to sleep a full night. I am on the road right now and just did 2 miles and feel wonderful.

Kelli and I have both been regularly exercising for about a month now. We haven't lot a ton of weight...but we can tell our clothes fit better.

The T-Mobile G1 can do almost everything I need a laptop for. The one big thing it can't do is log on to the American Eagle computer system. I need to log on daily to check email and schedules. The American Eagle system is the same one used by American Airlines that was literally designed in the later 1950's. It has been only slighly updated over the years. Still all text based. One typo and the command is ignored. There is a java version but the Google browser isn't compatible. My hope is Citrix will have a client out for the G1 operating system (Android) and then I truly have a laptop replacement (for my needs) in the palm of my hand.

Kelli is enjoying her phone so far. I keep showing up all the stuff it can do...but she seems content with the full keyboard for texting...and that's about it. I am sure she will do more over time. One application I like is the Weather Channel application. On one screen I have several cities listed. Next to each city is the current weather that is updated continually. Also useful is a Shop Savvy application. Using the camera I can "scan" a barcode. The phone instantly goes online and finds stores that sell the product along with the cost. The software also searches local stores and list the price. If I want the item locally I click on the store and am given the phone number and address. One more click and I am given driving directions from wherever I am. I love this thing!

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